A Now Shooting Production

A humble peasant family wanders through a war-torn countryside. They are surviving on the edges of conflict by selling wares to the soldiers.

The family drags a fantastical wagon along with them, a rolling citadel of goods and junk, all of it for sale. Driving the enterprise is the family matriarch, Mother Stubborn, an indomitable force for survival. Things begin to go wrong when the youngest son, Little Beeri, gets conscripted to join one of the armies. Should he go? Which side is the right side? And who is the strange and beautiful girl who appears to Little Beeri -- and maybe others -- singing and offering salvation? Borrowing from the classic German play Mother Courage and her Children by Bertolt Brecht, Little Beeri’s March is a darkly comic look into war, families, fantasy, despair and hope. It’s the sequel to Now Shooting’s Journey to the American Cinema but with audacious theatrics, a plunge into the hallucinatory underworld of combat, and -- oh, yes -- music.

Next Stage!

Online fundraising is done! A few checks from our mailing are still coming in, which leaves us with only about $400 needed to get started!

You can, still contribute by making the check out to Chariot Arts Ltd. with "Little Beeri's March" in the Memo line, and mailing it to: Little Beeri's March, 35 South Court Street, Woodsville NH, 03785. Or contact Whittaker for more ways to contribute: whitt.pi@gmail.com

Trailer 1

Our first trailer, Modeled after an iconic shot from Aleksandr Sokurov's "Mother and Son."
thanks to Earthside Sacrifice for the music.

Big Thanks,

to Nick Pryer! Nick is a big movie buff, and has always been a big supporter of Now Shooting.

Thank you so much!!

To our good friend Barbara Swantak, for her generous donation.

Massive Thanks

To Ezra Summers for the generous contribution! Ezra will be among the first people to get to see the film!

Got the website up, And the fundraising started. Now back to work on the storyboard!

Part 1:

Who is Now Shooting?

“Now Shooting” is a filmmaking team started by Whittaker Ingbretson and based in Woodsville, NH. It consists of any of about twenty artists and craftsmen from New Hampshire and Vermont.

For the past six years we have been creating films in a variety of genres. Many of our films grew out of 48-hour film competitions and have gone on to find recognition and win prizes at festivals around New England. Our next project is Little Beeri’s March, a sequel to our award-winning short, Journey To The American Cinema. We are in pre-production for Little Beeri’s March and will begin shooting in late September 2016.